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Meet the Musicians: Ted Wulfers

Posted April 26, 2016

Meet Ted Wulfers

Born in Chicago and currently based out of Los Angeles, Ted Wulfers is a talented singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer, who has toured internationally for almost 20 years. Growing up in the Chicago Blues and Midwest Jam Band scenes, Wulfers evolved into an artist with his own eclectic style of Rock ‘n Roll, Americana and ukulele music. Wulfers remains timeless and innovative with his enormous catalog of musical talents and creativity. His ability as a performer to connect with listeners keeps him busy with between 50 and 200 shows a year. Wulfers’ albums have been featured on CNN, CNN Europe, WGN, ABC, ABC World News, FOX, ESPN and more.

Ted’s newest album, You Are Here, lends itself to a genre of its own, “Uke ‘n Roll.” The You Are Here album represents Wulfers’ most honest and down-to-earth collection of songs to date. Ted Wulfers will begin recording his ninth album this year.

Interview with Ted Wulfers

We got the chance to interview Ted Wulfers about his debut song “San Luis Obispo (Take It SLO)” and what he loves about the Central Coast! Read on to learn what inspired his musical love letter to the town of San Luis Obispo.

What do you love about being a musician on the Central Coast?

I’ve always found that the audiences on the Central Coast are very happy, music-hungry people who love life, enjoy dancing and always have a good time. There is a strong support toward local musicians with very friendly music and record shops along the Central Coast. Add in the most beautiful scenery and greatest energy on the planet… and how could one not love making music on California’s Central Coast?

What makes your music so unique?

Throughout my career, I have always done my best to combine fresh sounds and a variety of music styles while writing about familiar subjects. This hybrid creates a great connection with many people of all ages and backgrounds. While so many musicians focus only on a specific period, fad or style, I’ve tried to remain timeless with my variety in music.

What inspired you to write a song about San Luis Obispo?

While living in Chicago and touring the country in 2006, a good friend suggested that I check out a town three hours north of Los Angeles called San Luis Obispo. Although I had never heard of SLO before, I booked a show at the Frog & Peach Pub on my next run in 2007. That show was magic and I played for three hours to a lively and diverse crowd of music lovers, ranging from college kids to old time cowboys, who danced along all night and hung on every word. I was so impressed by this fantastic nugget of awesomeness that was and still is San Luis Obispo.

This mix of people seemed so fun, easy going and happy and I was immediately enticed. Add in the charming drive from Los Angeles to SLO plus the gorgeous scenery and I was simply hooked and couldn’t wait to get back.

After another successful show at the Frog & Peach Pub in 2008, the idea for a “San Luis Obispo” song came together. After finding a true happy place and a magical wonderland, I figured this amazing town needed its own theme song. I wrote the song quickly after that.

When you listen to the song, you can hear that it’s a rather autobiographic love letter to the town of San Luis Obispo with some historical facts and a bit of fiction tossed in for flavor. I wanted the song to be relaxed with a beach atmosphere and beautiful charm…. just like SLO itself.

It’s fun to get emails and have conversations with fans all over the United States, Europe and Australia, asking about the town. They always tell me how wonderful SLO sounds and that they are making plans to visit for themselves!

So there ya go SLO….you have an official song!

What was the process like when making your “San Luis Obispo (Take It SLO)” music video?

My “San Luis Obispo (Take It SLO)” video was so much fun to make and my most ambitious undertaking in terms of filming a music video so far. I had a very clear vision of how I wanted the video to look and my filmmaker friends, Erik Nielsen and Heidi Hornbacher, helped bring my vision to life. We were going to make a straight forward love letter video featuring tourist “must-see” spots and locals-only sites, capturing those beautiful and quirky SLO locations.

After we had a rough cut, I approached Jason Rath, whose Instagram account (@SanLuisObispo) I had fallen in love with, featuring unique aerial video and photographic footage of the area. After contacting him, he soon became part of the “San Luis Obispo (Take It SLO)” video team. The marriage of his stunning footage and what we already collected with 663 Films production really brought the song to life in a visual way!

What were your favorite locations to film at in San Luis Obispo?

I had a blast shooting all over the Central Coast! A few of my favorite locations include Morro Bay, Point San Luis Lighthouse, the Madonna Inn, Higuera Street in Downtown SLO, Chamisal Vineyards, in Grand Central Music store, and of course Downtown San Luis Obispo Thursday Night Farmers’ Market! We took some locals’ advice and we also wandered about on our own.

When you’re not writing music or performing on stage, where can we find you in San Luis Obispo?

Don’t want to let the cat out of the bag but San Luis Obispo and Avila Beach are my two happy places.  Sometimes I’ll take a day trip from Los Angeles just to see the sunset in Avila Beach and grab dinner in Downtown San Luis Obispo. As a musician visiting San Luis Obispo, you’ve got to stop by Boo Boo Records to listen to good tunes and Grand Central Music to check out their unique guitars and amplifiers.

What makes San Luis Obispo the ideal place to visit?

San Luis Obispo can be described as a perfect paradise from the mountains and vineyards to the friendly demeanor of the locals. I could go on and on!

I enjoy visiting SLO to spend quality, relaxing times with close friends of mine in a truly magical and stunning setting. San Luis Obispo is a very fun place with endless activities. A few of my favorite things to do in San Luis Obispo include Thursday Night Farmers’ Market, the Summer Concerts in the Plaza, the Sunset Drive-In Movie Theater, Edna Valley’s laid-back wine county and one-of-a-kind theaters to perform at.

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