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Catch a film at the Fremont Theater in San Luis Obispo

SLO Movie Theaters

San Luis Obispo is cinema central, with plenty of unique movie theaters showing blockbuster hits, indie films, beloved classics and more. Grab a seat (and grab your popcorn) for one-of-a-kind big screen experiences at these iconic SLO movie theaters.  

Movie Theaters in San Luis Obispo

Love foreign films? Adore cult classics? Looking to catch the latest Hollywood blockbuster? Check out these locally preferred movie theaters in San Luis Obispo.

Downtown Centre Cinemas 7 

The Downtown Centre Cinemas 7 is known for its comfortable reclining seats, beer and wine lounge, and unique viewing experiences (like IMAX).

Palm Theater 

Head to The Palm Theatre for indie, foreign, classic and independent films. The single-screen projector and intimate seating will have you feeling like you’ve traveled back in time! 

Sunset Drive-In

With year-round warm California weather, the Sunset Drive-In is the perfect outdoor venue for an unforgettable date night or a fun family outing.

Looking for more to do? Sunset Drive-In is more than a hip movie destination. Dive into the treasure hunting spirit at the Sunset Super Sunday Swap Meet, happening every Sunday, starting at 6 a.m. at the Sunset Drive-In. 

Movies in San Luis Obispo 

Whether you have a taste for timeless classics, opening weekend mega films or short indie dramas, San Luis Obispo has a theater suited for any film buff. Seeing movies in San Luis Obispo is truly better than anywhere else! 

View the full list of movie theaters in San Luis Obispo below.