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San Luis Obispo Bars & Nightlife

The San Luis Obispo nightlife is something many visitors may not expect when visiting SLO. Many are surprised when they learn that there are many things to do on a Saturday night in SLO. Downtown San Luis Obispo has you covered with a full lineup of bars, cafés, lounges, good food, and better drinks along Higuera Street and its side streets. Visitors can begin their night at a wine bar before catching a movie at one of the two movie theaters in town before strolling over to a lounge or pub as the evening progresses.

Whether you enjoy live music at an outdoor setting like Luna Red, or the flashing lights, dance floor, and DJ scene of Mother’s Tavern, locally known as MoTav, you’re bound to have an amazing time. If you find yourself downtown during the earlier hours of the evening, consider visiting a SLO happy hour or explore more nighttime activities.

Night Clubs in San Luis Obispo

The nightclubs in San Luis Obispo offer something for everyone. Whether you are new to town, showing family around, or looking for a night on the town, SLO nightlife has it all. The bars in San Luis Obispo range from a traditional pub atmosphere and dive bars with pool tables to the sophistication of wine bars and classic cocktail lounges to full-service nightclubs with bottle service options and some of the best dance music.

In SLO, when the sun goes down, the great times continue into the late nights. See what the nightlife in San Luis Obispo has in store for you.