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SoHi - South Higuera San Luis Obispo California - San Luis Obispo California

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Airport District Map
Indulge in the finer things in the Airport District, SLO’s gateway to the world of wine country.
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Whether you’re in the mood for a leisurely stroll through charming boutiques, a tantalizing culinary adventure at our local eateries, or an enriching exploration of our vibrant community, there’s something downtown for everyone.
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foothill map
Explore Foothill for its diverse range of dining options, shopping outlets, fitness centers, and beyond. This vibrant neighborhood rests alongside Highway 1, offering easy reach to Cal Poly and the charming coastal towns to the north.
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Laguna Map
Laguna embodies the perfect blend of convenience and adventure. In this area, you can either breeze through your entire checklist or dive into some serious fun and excitement.
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LoBro Map
Discover ample room for play and uncover local secrets in LoBro.
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LoHi Map
Attention all free spirits and seekers of chill vibes! Tucked between Downtown and Higuera Road, LoHi is the ultimate destination to expand your horizons.
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Mojo Map
Ignite the enjoyment in MoJo with great food, drinks, and an upbeat atmosphere.
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Railroad District

RR map
Beyond its train station origins, the Railroad District boasts a rich history and entrepreneurial spirit, exuding old-fashioned charm and housing a multitude of diverse businesses and eateries.
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SLO South

SLO South Map
There’s an array of options to quench your thirst in San Luis Obispo. Whether you fancy wine, craft beer, kombucha, or coffee, make your way to SLO South, known as the city’s unofficial hub for beverages.
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SLO Neighborhoods Map