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San Luis Obispo Art & Culture

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Looking for some inspiration? Located in the heart of SLO CAL, let San Luis Obispo be your guide.

With our unique background and geographic location, SLO will move you in ways like no other vacation destination can. San Luis Obispo’s story began with its first indigenous population, dating back tens of thousands of years to the first inhabitants, to the Chumash tribes that populated the Central Coast’s prolific terrain, to the first Spanish settlements, followed by the Mexican “Rancho” era and all the way up until the “Wild West” times which of course led us to the present day. Throw in a world-class university into the mix and you’ll get all the ingredients for an idyllic cultivation of ideas.

Arts and culture thrive in this melting pot of perception with San Luis Obispo’s art galleries, San Luis Obispo museums and theatres. Showcasing both local and international talent alike, SLO provides an assortment of things to do to fuel your creative side and cultural enrichment.

Immerse yourself in the local culture at one of our events in San Luis Obispo, like the annual SLO Film Festival, Festival Mozaic, Cal Poly Rodeo, Concerts in the Plaza — or create your own SLO story.