Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information and Resources for Travelers. Learn more.

The City of San Luis Obispo considers the health and safety of our residents and visitors our highest priority, especially during these times. San Luis Obispo is committed to providing our visitors with timely and accurate information as we navigate through the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic. We are working closely with local, state, and government agencies to provide the most up-to-date information.

Local status of COVID-19

Although San Luis Obispo is slowly and cautiously reopening, our town continues to follow orders placed by the County and State. California is currently under a statewide Stay-at-Home order which means travel is prohibited unless identified as essential. For now, travel is not advised, and San Luis Obispo urges visitors and locals to comply with State and County directives. To learn more about the actions taken by the state of California, please click here.

We cannot wait for the day when we can welcome you to be here, but for now take the time to vacation at home!

The Stay-at-Home executive order prohibits:

  • Group gatherings
  • Traveling for fun, vacation, recreation or leisure
  • Visiting any acquaintance that is sick

Here’s what you can do:

  • Go outdoors for exercise, making sure to keep a 6-7 ft. distance away from others
  • Go to the grocery store
  • Go to the pharmacy
  • Go to the dentist/doctor
  • Dine at local restaurants
  • Shop at your favorite retail stores
  • Attend religious services and cultural ceremonies
  • Go to salon/spa

Read more on the local status of COVID-19

Shopping & Dining Options

Things are al little different than usual in San Luis Obispo, as you might imagine. Click on the icons below to see what shops and restaurants are open.

SLO Shopping

SLO take out map


To learn more about the impact of COVID-19 across San Luis Obispo County, you can visit for current updates.

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