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Live the SLO Life, Cal Poly!

Get to Know This College Town

San Luis Obispo wouldn’t be SLO without Cal Poly. Here’s what you can expect when you arrive in town – whether you’re staking out a potential school with your student or exploring for yourself.

Pack Your Mustang Spirit

Whether you’re a student, parent, alum or supporter, San Luis Obispo is excited to be your homebase away from home while you visit Cal Poly and the California Central Coast. Explore campus, attend performances, cheer along at games and stroll downtown SLO.

Get to Know SLO Neighborhoods

There’s plenty to see and do around Cal Poly, but there’s SLO much more to discover beyond campus. With nine distinctive neighborhoods, San Luis Obispo has a vibe for everyone. The good times never end in easygoing MoJo, while LoBro connects you to the best walking and biking trails. History buffs, head to the Railroad District for legendary landmarks and good eats. Where will your trip take you?

SLO Foothills

What to See and Explore Near Campus

There’s lots to do on campus, but there’s even more to see when you venture out! The city of San Luis Obispo is home to history, restaurants, shops and plenty of outdoor activities.