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A smiling couple having a picnic with wine in the open San Luis Obispo hills.

Open, Ready & Safe in San Luis Obispo

Posted August 3, 2020

When you’re in San Luis Obispo, you’re part of the family. We care about our family so to help put your mind at ease we want to let you know that we are open, ready and safe. We are fully prepared for you to start planning your trip when you’re ready. Like destinations around California, our partners have taken precautions to follow all the rules and regulations set forth to ensure your safety. Sure, it may seem a little different, but we’re pledging to bring you the same memorable, SLO good experience that our city has always provided visitors.

What can you expect from San Luis Obispo in this new normal? Some attractions like museums and indoor spas may be closed, while indoor dining and tasting rooms also await reopening. Sunset Drive-In, outdoor dining, nearby beaches and miles of hiking trails, however, all await visitors. Curbside pickup, strolls through the wide-open downtown streets, and even getting a haircut in the great outdoors are the new normal in SLO. The San Luis Obispo Visitors Center remains open, providing all of the guidance needed.

As part of our “Open, Ready & Safe” program, we’re working on all of the safety guidelines to help keep coronavirus at bay, so altered opening hours and designated trails – look for arrows! – are part of the deal for the foreseeable future. Also, masks are now essential, so don’t even think about leaving home without one. Consider masks the new American Express. Good news is many of the unique downtown stores have masks available for purchase to fit everyone’s style.

In return, we hope that visitors can embrace the Responsible Travel Code laid out by the state of California. It’s all about respect. As much as we can prepare, providing hand sanitizer, clean facilities, and socially distanced experiences, we need you to:

  • roam responsibly
  • educate yourself
  • put safety first
  • preserve California
  • embrace community
  • celebrate culture, and
  • teach others by example

Only by working together can we make sure that everyone – both our partners and our beloved visitors – will be able to travel more and more as we kick coronavirus to the curb. There’s no rush, but rest assured that when you’re ready, we’ll be here, keeping a safe distance, but very eager to welcome you.

Keep updated with all of the newest regulations in San Luis Obispo for any new procedures as California continues to reopen.