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In September, Art Starts with Heritage

Posted September 1, 2023

This month, we’re continuing our Art Starts With series with a theme that harkens back to the eras and the people who came before us. In September, Art Starts with Heritage. The San Luis Obispo area has a history as a home to first indigenous Native Americans such as the Chumash, who lived here for many thousands of years, and later to Mexican peoples who had gained independence from Spain during the Rancho Era in the 1800s. Signs of these periods of our local history remain all around us and continue to be vividly represented in our community, and we are proud to highlight that heritage.

For our tour this month, we’ve selected four pieces of public art around SLO that pay homage to parts of our heritage and the people who preceded us, and whose cultural influence and artistry is alive and brilliantly shines through the current makeup of the city. This Art Starts with Heritage tour is the latest in a series that began back in February. We’ve been highlighting the vast selection of amazing public art all around SLO with a different theme each month. SLO has more than 100 pieces of public art on display, and we’ve designed these walking tours to help you find them! Check out our other public art tours from February, March, April, May, June, July and August to see more. 

Now, let’s head out on a walking tour of four public artworks rich in SLO heritage …