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Insta-Worthy Spots in San Luis Obispo

Posted August 20, 2019

Here in San Luis Obispo, there is an unspoken rule of thumb to document everything, always. With countless mesmerizing views and “Kodak” moments, there are #ShareSLO opportunities just about everywhere you turn. Whether you’re snapping a pic for 10 million followers, or just creating a keepsake for yourself, we’ve gone ahead and listed out our top “Insta-Worthy” places in San Luis Obispo for your #ShareSLO inspiration.

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Prefumo for Sunset

Head up the back roads of Prefumo Canyon at Sunset for an absolutely captivating view of San Luis Obispo. Don’t forget your camera!

The rolling hills of Prefumo Canyon in San Luis Obispo with light clouds overhead. Photo by @beckyboersma_
Photo // @beckyboersma_

SLO Irresistible Sign

Strike a pose in front of one of our most iconic murals located in the Creamery Marketplace right in the heart of SLO’s Downtown district.

2 smiling ladies in front of the San Luis Obispo mural reading, "SLO Irresistible." Photo by @sarah_tracy
Photo // @sarah_tracy

Bubblegum Alley

Bubblegum Alley is nothing shy of #AestheticGoals. Snap a picture in front of the local landmark that attracts people from all over the globe— don’t forget your gum!

A jumping man in the middle of Bubblegum Alley in San Luis Obispo. Photo by @justparked
Photo // @justparked

Anywhere in Madonna Inn

Madonna Inn is “extra” in the best way possible. From their eccentric Copper Café—to the very pink Alex Madonna’s Gold Rush Steak House—and everywhere in between—there are endless opportunities to snap a pic at this ever-so-gaudy hotel!

2 friends toasting pink milkshakes at the ornate, pink-accented bar of the Madonna Inn's Cafe. Photo by @trippingwithmybff
Photo // @trippingwithmybff

Serenity Swing

Trek out to Serenity Swing located in Poly Canyon and get a #Selfie on top of one of the most notorious San Luis Obispo hikes. Make sure to bring a bottle of water and a friend— because hydration is important and pictures don’t take themselves!

A smiling girl looking over her shoulder as she swings on the Serenity Swing in San Luis Obispo.
Photo // @lisamycherie

Top of Cerro San Luis for Sunrise

Set your alarm for a sunrise hike up Cerro San Luis and watch the clouds dance around you to generate some unbelievable “like bait” for your social feed.

The Wall at Scout Coffee

Hit #GardenStreet in Downtown SLO and snap a pic in front of the wall at Scout Coffee. Grab a coffee, strike a pose and create your #ShareSLO moment for all your followers to see!

A furry dog in front of the yellow, floral print wall of Scout Coffee in San Luis Obispo. Photo by @cas_si.
Photo // @cas_si

The View from Terrace Hill

Your followers won’t be able to resist that “like” button when they see this incredible view of San Luis Obispo pop up on their newsfeed from Terrace Hill. #PixonPeaks

7 Sisters Mountain Landscape Sunset in San Luis Obispo
Photo // @mrsgrubby


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