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Monika’s Macarons specializes in crafting “One-of-a-Kind” Parisian French Macarons. Monika (Founder & Head Artisan), has galvanized her French heritage and is passionate about perfecting the petite French delicacy. Her macarons are made with gluten free ingredients for the many individuals who have this type of dietary concern. Monika’s Macarons avidly embraces French macarons as a form of her creative expression (attained from her former artistic back-ground) by emphasizing visual appeal and delightful flavor pairings, made with the highest quality ingredients. Monika Macarons Famous Hand-Made French Macarons have captured the hearts and pallets’ of many people, reputable publications, restaurants, artisans and specialty markets alike. You’re sure to have an intense delicious experience when you bite into one of her exquisite One-of-a-Kind French Macarons. Try one today and see.

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