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Orchestra Novo Beethoven’s Fifth Co-Creation with ECHO

Sunday, November 12, 4 2023
Harold J. Miossi CPAC at Cuesta College

Orchestra Novo is thrilled to announce its latest installment episode of the Co-Creation Project in collaboration with the El Camino Homeless Organization (ECHO).

Since its inception, Orchestra Novo has been a leader in community outreach, bringing music to those who may never have set foot in a concert hall or heard and enjoyed a note of classical music. The goal of the Co-Creation Project is to unite us all through the visceral experience that only music can provide. Guided by the hands of the great masters, we are able to open ourselves to the creative source that lies within each of us, and as we listen, our imaginations reveal a world of emotion that is at the core of all humanity.

This year, Orchestra Novo is honored to collaborate with ECHO, an organization that brings comfort, hope and an increased sense of dignity to those who need it the most. We also encourage our valued community members who attend this concert to bring along unused or forgotten articles of clothing to donate and strengthen ECHO’s Warm Clothing Drive. In particular, men’s apparel is most appreciated.