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Cal Poly Arts: Taimane

Friday, September 22, 7:30 – 9 pm 2023
Spanos Theatre
1 Grand Ave, San Luis Obispo California 93407

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Virtuoso, songwriter, singer, and theater producer, Taimane, has established herself as one of the leading ukulele players in the world, known for her fierce and inventive style of play transcending traditional views of the instrument as a restricted device. Taimane’s musicality and approach to the stage further add to her draw. Through both beautiful originals and one-of-a-kind mashups (seemingly disparate songs (e.g. Led Zeppelin and Beethoven) merged into medleys with pop appeal), Taimane conjures a wide range of deep emotions smashing the notion of Hawaii music’s being light and simple. Seeing her perform live exponentially amplifies these feelings and makes clear that Taimane is an entertainer first and foremost. With a take-no-prisoners attitude and carefully crafted shows that are the polar opposite of recitals, Taimane demands viewers’ attention every second of every performance eliciting intense, “wow” reactions on cue while leading her audiences on a journey through a range of experiences – mystical, dark and playful. Add it all up, and it’s easy to see how this hapa Samoan (part Caucasian and part indigenous Samoan) artist from a small island in the middle of the Pacific (Oahu, Hawaii) has garnered over 20 million video views and 300,000 social media followers to date.