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Top 5 Things to Do in SLO for Valentine’s Day

Posted February 4, 2015

Whether you have a Valentine this year or are celebrating with friends, here’s a list of the Top Five Things to Do in SLO for Valentine’s Day.

1. Enjoy the outdoors.

We’re pretty lucky to live where we do. Just a short drive away from both mountains and beaches, San Luis Obispo is the ultimate location for planning outdoor activities. Whether you’re destined for a hiking trail, the frisbee golf course, or a beach towel, be sure to pack some food and drinks for the trip (and SPF too!).

2. Get creative.

How often do you tap into your inner Pablo Picasso? Make an Art Bar reservation at Granada Hotel & Bistro and with the help of a few liquid refreshments, you’ll be sure to have the creative juices flowing.

3. Go out for a classic dinner date.

It doesn’t get much more ‘Valentine’s Day’ than going out for a dinner date. While there are plenty of great restaurants downtown (Koberl at BlueNovo, & Foremost Wine Co. just to name a few), you can’t beat the intimacy of a homemade dinner! Decide on a menu for the night, make your shopping list and head to our local Farmers’ Market on Valentine’s morning, 8-10:45 am in the parking log of Cost Plus World Market (cross streets: Dalidio & Madonna).

4. Pamper yourself — and plan a staycation?

If you’re looking for a little indulgence, check out the Valentine’s specials being offered at The Spa at Madonna Inn. The choice is yours to spend the night in your own bed or stay in one of Madonna’s wildly themed rooms. Another spa & staycation option? Rent out a private hot tub at Sycamore Mineral Springs and check out their spa & hotel packages while you’re at it.

5. Try something new.

Perhaps you’ve found something new to try in one of the previous four ‘to dos’ or maybe you’ve been there and done all that. This final Valentine’s tip is to go out and do something new. Maybe it’s going horseback riding or watching a movie at the drive-in theater for the first time. Whatever new it is that you do, I highly recommend that you do it. By trying something new, you allow yourself the opportunity to enjoy a new experience.

I hope that you all have a beautiful Valentine’s Day! And whatever it is you do to celebrate, choose to celebrate love every day, not just on this holiday.

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