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Safe Stays and Sleeps in SLO

Posted August 3, 2020

Traveling safely through San Luis Obispo is possible for all those who feel ready to put their California dreaming into action. Accommodations around the city are prepared to welcome you, holding themselves to the highest of standards of cleanliness and safety. Our hotels want you to feel relaxed and confident that their teams are doing everything they can to ensure visitor safety.

In this new normal, expect cleanliness and distanced practices from our SLO lodging properties. In return, we ask you to bring respect and cooperate with hotel workers to make sure everyone feels safe, because visitors aren’t the only ones at risk. It’s a two-way street that we’re all traveling, six feet apart from each other, of course.

What sorts of changes are in place? Hotels like The Kinney and The Butler Hotel feature contactless check-in and check-out as well as comprehensive cleaning protocols to ensure visitor safety. By providing contact-free experiences, properties are limiting risk of exposure for both visitors and employees. Additional protective barriers like masks and gloves are also part of the norm providing physical, outward signs that SLO is taking this seriously.

Hotel Cerro is guaranteeing that any surface touched by clients will be sanitized, and that air conditioning is unique to each of the luxury rooms. This attention to detail will help patrons feel good about their choice to venture to this city and enjoy a respite from the seemingly endless weeks of lockdown. Hampton Inn, part of the Hilton brand, implemented a CleanSeal, letting visitors know that no one has entered their room since it was deep-cleaned according to Hilton’s CleanStay guidelines.

Hotel SLO has mapped out all of its precautions, down to the regular cleaning of its Bike Fleets that are available for guest use. Not to mention, temperature and wellbeing checks for all employees are a must before starting their shift. Not bad, right?

The Lamplighter Inn & Suites Hotel, just a few blocks away from the downtown San Luis Obispo area, even trained its housekeepers under the guidance of French Hospital staff members to achieve the highest quality sanitization.

Our businesses have been prepping for you for months, so while you’re here a bit of social distancing and outdoor dining won’t even seem like it’s quirky or new. It’ll seem, well, normal. SLO’s lodging properties are proud to share the guidelines with their guests, providing total transparency.

To that end, all of our properties in the City of San Luis Obispo have completed the County’s Self Certification form, meaning they’ve taken extra steps to operate with additional safety and cleaning measures 24/7. You can also look for the “Open and Safe” sign hanging in many of the business and lodging windows around town showing that they have completed this form.

When you are ready to come and visit, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that hotels in SLO are a safe bet, giving you a comfortable base to experience the city.