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Kreuzberg Oktoberfest

Posted October 22, 2015

Copious amounts of bratwurst, schnitzel, dirndls, and “Prost!” You guessed it… We are talking about Oktoberfest in SLO town. If you were Downtown this past weekend, you couldn’t have missed the massive balloon arch that adorned the front of Kreuzberg or the sweet sound of the Oompa band, Trio Internationale, floating out the door and into the streets. Kreuzberg was transformed overnight from coffee shop into a vibrant German beer garden for this year’s event.

Authentic German imported beer was the highlight of the occasion. The bar was serving up Bitburger – Germany’s bestselling Pilsner, Hof Brau Original – a classic Munich lager, and Weihenstephaner Weissbier – the oldest beer in the world (it’s been around since 1040 A.D.!). All Oktoberfest patrons were given a 1 liter stein to enjoy their choice of beer throughout the day. Each table had their own beer wench that made sure steins stayed full and spirits stayed high.

Everyone knows it’s not Oktoberfest without drinking games – Das Boot, Stein Hold, Hottest German Babe, Manliest Thighs and Yodeling were all on the line up for the day’s festivities. Tables battled out it out by participating in various beer games, which of course resulted in some healthy competition all day long. The games, led by Wenchman & MC Hank Bueno, began at 4:30 pm and continued on through the night to offer quality entertainment for all. The dancefloor was a flurry of colorful lederhoisens and drindls as people danced around to authentic German music. The German toast, “Prost!” was always quickly followed by the sound of clinking steins as people celebrated the event.

Oktoberfest at Kreuzberg is your chance to enjoy some quality German culture right here in San Luis Obispo. If you went to this year’s Oktoberfest at Kreuzberg, feel free to let us know what your favorite part of this event was in the comments below!