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Aida: My First Opera

Posted October 22, 2014

Last Saturday, I took my girlfriend to see the Italian Opera, Aida, in San Luis Obispo. How would I sum up this Opera? As I reported on Facebook, “Aida felt like a BIG CITY PRODUCTION from a happy little college town.”

From the anticipation of awaiting the rise of the red curtain to the very first scene, you could feel the anticipation in the crowd that this was going to be a special event. By the end, I found myself feeling very similar to how I felt at the end of watching the play by William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet. While the Opera ended without a happy ending, one could say, “Wow, for a love like that.” They say love conquers all, but not everyone has a love like that. It was a moving performance. The Performing Arts Center sound, atmosphere, and stage was a grandiose location for Aida, and it felt like the right place for this opera to be performed.

We also had the pleasure of attending the cast and crew after party. One woman I met there told me, “Aida is the big mother of the Operas. If you’re going to start experiencing an Opera, you must start with Aida, it has the BIG VOICES.”

It was fun to see cast members with partial make-up still adorned in a festive mood. One of the Egyptian soldiers continued to sing at our table while we ate some appetizers. It was a fun and enjoyable time visiting with the cast and directors in King David’s Masonic Lodge, a historic building in San Luis Obispo.

It’s safe to say, you won’t be disappointed by an Opera San Luis Obispo production. This team works hard to produce a top-quality opera. With an outstanding symphony, actors, and scenery, they transport you to a different era. It was our first opera, and a grand introduction. I can also assure you that while Aida was our first, it most certainly will not be our last opera. Whether you’re a fan of Opera who is visiting SLO from out of town or someone seeking more artistic and cultural experiences in the area, Opera San Luis Obispo delivers a show that will exceed your expectations.