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Sextant Wines


An old-world instrument marrying mathematics, science, and the stars, a sextant is a tool used to navigate across open water in order to explore uncharted territories. At Sextant Wines, we are devoted to expanding the horizons of the Central Coast wine region by matching its unparalleled terroir with artisanal varietal selections and mindful winemaking practices intent on highlighting our Paso Robles estate vineyard and surrounding regions.

The highly acclaimed Sextant Wines features powerful Zinfandel and Bordeaux styles of wine. Next, continue your journey with our Founder’s Collection by tasting rich Burgundy and Rhone-style blends. Before departing, you must enjoy the notable Windemere Pinot Noir from their MacGregor Vineyards – the oldest vineyard in Edna Valley.  

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