Have you ever caught yourself thinking about your first SLO Farmers’ Market and wish you could relive that experience?

The sweet smell of kettle corn, the texture of fresh berries, the hilarity of the jugglers, the ear piercing sounds of that odd guy playing the cello suited up like a character from Halo. Ah, memories.

Sadly, there’s only one first time. However, we’ve devised a plan to help veterans relive that feeling. Read on.

Our local farmers’ markets provide an opportunity to support our local farmers, vendors, and the community; they also provide an escape route from reality via bustling walkways, local cuisine, products, music, street performances and scenery. A place to people watch, engage in local activities and take in an environment that is so supportive, you wish you could experience it daily!

Did you know that there is a farmers’ market held in San Luis Obispo County every day of the week? That’s right, every day! You know what that means…more food, more products, more people to watch, more music to listen to, more people to meet, and more memories to be made with loved ones.

Here’s the grand idea.

We challenge you to attend a farmers’ market in SLO County that you have never experienced before. And for those of you who have been to all of them, congratulations! Now go to one that you haven’t been to in a while.

It’s time to relive those experiences you long for. Why wait? Bring your loved ones; friends and family, and stroll and savor at the tastiest, most memorable, and downright fun events that we showcase here on the Central Coast!

Check out our Community Calendar for a complete list of farmers’ markets and other San Luis Obispo County events. See you there!