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Arts + Culture, Attractions + Entertainment

Festival Mozaic Fringe Series

After enjoying a delicious meal with my wife, our anticipation was high as we headed over to enjoy the Portland Cello Project, otherwise known as the PCP. Festival Mozaic offers the Fringe Series, in which “classically trained artists bring the rigor and precision of their training into [an] innovative program”  with a variety of music genres. PCP consists ...
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Attractions + Entertainment, Family, Outdoor + Recreation

Batter Up! SLO Blues Baseball

Crackerjacks in hand, my boyfriend and I were ready for some summer night fun at SLO Blues Baseball Game. Instantly, there was a festive atmosphere with Bluebelle, the mascot, welcoming us, fly balls soaring and children sprinting on the grass to catch their trophy for the night! As a summer collegiate baseball club, SLO Blues are part ...
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Arts + Culture, Attractions + Entertainment, Eat + Drink

Run, Rest & Relax in SLO

Thinking about coming to San Luis Obispo for the SLO Marathon and Half Marathon in April? Why, not? The best part of this race is that it’s more than just a course- it’s a destination! And what better way to reward yourself for running countless miles, than to treat yourself to some well-deserved R&R. So to make ...
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Arts + Culture, Attractions + Entertainment, Eat + Drink, Outdoor + Recreation

Top 5 Things to Do in SLO for Valentine’s Day

Whether you have a Valentine this year or are celebrating with friends, here’s a list of the Top Five Things to Do in SLO for Valentine’s Day. 1. Enjoy the outdoors. We’re pretty lucky to live where we do. Just a short drive away from both mountains and beaches, San Luis Obispo is the ultimate ...
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