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Support Local

Support Local Pledge

Have you been thinking to yourself lately, “I should really try to spend my money more at locally owned shops instead of online.”? If so, we have the perfect shop local incentive for you! Starting Tuesday, June 15 up to 500 people can receive a $20 gift card as a reward for pledging to support ...
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Eat + Drink

Best Places To Eat in SLO

Get ready for farm-fresh produce and sizzling flavors! If you’re looking for the best places to eat in SLO, you’ve come to the right place. SLO has a ton of rich culinary attractions and a longstanding tradition of using fresh ingredients and care to perfect dishes. So take a deep dive into the city’s gastro ...
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Russell Kwong of Mee Heng Low
Eat + Drink, Support Local

Meet Your Neighborhood Chinatown Chef | Q&A with Russell Kwong of Mee Heng Low

Chinese immigrants first arrived in San Luis Obispo in the 19th century, establishing a small but bustling neighborhood they went home to after a long day constructing the Central Coast railroads. Present-day Chinatown still holds a few relics of their history, including the beloved “Chinese Noodle House”, Mee Heng Low. We sat down with owner ...
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Outdoor + Recreation

Bike Your Way Through the History of SLO 

Without a doubt, San Luis Obispo knows how to celebrate National Bike Month every May. Since 2007, the city has been designated a Bicycle Friendly Community by the League of American Bicyclists, and was even recognized at a gold level in 2015.  The city’s network of over 75 miles of bike paths, bike lanes, and ...
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Feed My Seol Food Truck
Eat + Drink, Support Local

Meet Your Neighborhood Food Truck | Q&A with Grace Kim of Feed My Seoul

Feed My Seoul food truck specializes in a meal SLO is well-known for — BBQ, but with a Korean/Japanese twist. Co-founder, Grace Kim, was born in South Korea and raised in Atascadero. After meeting her husband, Chef KH, and starting a family they decided to come back to the Central Coast and bring their passion ...
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Sam with Bread Bike
Eat + Drink, Family, Support Local

Meet Your Neighborhood Cycling Baker | Q&A with Sam DeNicola of Bread Bike

Sam DeNicola has been cycling nearly all his life, but only started baking about eight years ago. In 2019, he combined both of his passions to form Bread Bike, an organic, local bakery that delivers their loaves by bike across San Luis Obispo. We met up with Sam to learn more about what makes a ...
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Attractions + Entertainment, Eat + Drink, Outdoor + Recreation

Where to Stop, Sip, and Stay on Your Highway 1 Roadtrip

Chances are you know all about California’s Highway 1. The famous strip of road takes drivers up and down the Central Coast with countless landmarks to stop and see. But did you know that it cuts directly through San Luis Obispo roughly halfway between San Francisco and Los Angeles?  Nestled in the emerald green Irish ...
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Arts + Culture, Support Local

Meet Your Neighborhood Fair Trade Market | Q&A with LynAnne Wiest of HumanKind Fair Trade

HumanKind Fair Trade is not like most retail stores you’ve been into. As a nonprofit and fair trade marketplace, the shop’s goal is to provide income to artisans and farmers in the developing world. This small brick and mortar in downtown San Luis Obispo is making a big difference — and we sat down with ...
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Eat + Drink, Outdoor + Recreation

Staying Forever Young in SLO

When you visit San Luis Obispo, don’t expect to be bound by the clutches of time. Mission San Luis Obispo de Tolosa has stood downtown since 1792, the waves never stop crashing on the nearby shores, and the sun stays shining for most of the year.  The sense of timelessness when you’re here stands out, ...
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Outdoor + Recreation, Support Local

Meet Your Neighborhood Climbing Gym | Q&A with Kristin Horowitz of The Pad Climbing

The Pad Climbing Gym started out nearly twenty years ago as the country’s first nonprofit bouldering gym, but it took until the pandemic for co-founders Kristin and Yishai Horowitz to get their business where they’ve always wanted it to be. Between running multiple businesses and training her dogs, we found time to sit down with ...
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