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Coffee Shops In San Luis Obispo

Whether you want to cozy up to a book with some good coffee or catch up with a friend, coffee shops in San Luis Obispo offer an ambiance and caffeinated options for everyone. If you prefer not to be jolted all day, most coffee shops also have decaffeinated options like hot chocolate. Stop into one of the local coffee shops in SLO for whatever you crave.


The coffee shops in SLO have a unique vibe, mission, and crowd. Like a glass of wine, the coffee in San Luis Obispo has its unique flavor, roasting notes, and pairing suggestions. Lucky for visitors, in SLO there are coffee shops and cafes everywhere you turn. Pick from any of them, and you won’t be disappointed, plus your drink will warm your hands when the air is brisk from that cool, Central Coast breeze.

Linnaea’s Café

1110 Garden Street, San Luis Obispo

Linnaea’s is a small but popular café known for its coffee and chai, like the vanilla house chai or honey vanilla chai. Also on their menu is the matcha green tea latte, small-batch cold brew and countless tea options. Stay for a breakfast burrito or slice of carrot cake, but be warned it sells out quickly.

Kreuzberg Coffee Company

685 Higuera Street, San Luis Obispo

If you’re looking for a coffee shop with a European feel, Kreuzberg is your place. Since 2010, this joint has inspired creativity through their large open, mural-adorned space. Pick up one of their tuxedo mochas or hot chocolates, made with both white and dark chocolate, because why only pick one?

Scout Coffee

1130 Garden Street and 880 Foothill Boulevard, San Luis Obispo

Scout Coffee has two locations around SLO. The original location is the perfect Instagrammable spot, with lots of wallpaper, wood, and exposed brick, while the Foothill location offers a more modern and open feel—the perfect study break for students. They use all of their own beans from their roasting company, HoneyCo Coffee Roasters, and offer house-made syrups and almond milk. Check out their excellent baked goods like the morning buns and chunky Scout Cookies.

Lucy’s Coffee Company

1279 Laurel Lane, San Luis Obispo

What started off as a coffee truck quickly turned into a brick-and-mortar coffee shop. Go to Lucy’s Coffee Company for a sense of community, as well as an amazing hot chocolate that you can’t find anywhere else in SLO: hot cocoa with toasted marshmallows. That’s right, real browned marshmallows that sit right on top of your drink.

Sally Loo’s Wholesome Café

1804 Osos Street, San Luis Obispo

Sally Loo’s Wholesome Cafe is a hidden gem near the SLO train station with an intimate neighborhood feel. Walk inside to order brunch and a latte, and you’ll immediately feel at home. With their new walk-up coffee bar window on the side of the building, you don’t have to wait in line inside to grab your coffee if you don’t want to.

Nautical Bean

11560 Los Osos Valley Road and 2010 Parker Street, San Luis Obispo

At Nautical Bean, you won’t just get a drink, but one with personality. This family-owned coffee shop has character, with various beverages like the Rainforest Latte, a soy, chai, yerba matte latte, or Shot in the Dark, a spicy chai with espresso shots. Both are great and will also give you a little caffeine buzz.

Field Day Coffee

1185 Monterey Street, San Luis Obispo

Field Day Coffee is run by a husband and wife team with a love for the way a cup of coffee can connect a community. Stop by on your way downtown for a cup of high-quality coffee with a side of the community feels.

Blackhorse Espresso & Bakery

1065 Higuera Street and 3590 Broad Street, Suite 150, San Luis Obispo

Blackhorse Espresso & Bakery is the locals’ coffee shop. With two locations, one in Downtown San Luis Obispo and the other off Broad Street, this coffee shop is a go-to for locals and students looking for a place to catch up with a friend, work on a crossword, or study for their next exam.

Libertine Coffee Bar

1240 Broad Street, San Luis Obispo

The Libertine Coffee Bar is an extension of the locally-known brewery known for its sour beers. After a night of tasting sours, stop by the coffee bar in the morning to reminisce about the night before’s good time over an iced latte and breakfast burrito.

Skipper’s Brew Coffee House

1242 Monterey St Suite 110, San Luis Obispo

Only minutes away from Cal Poly, Skipper’s Brew Coffee House offers great brew and even greater energy. Select from options such as chai, matcha lattes, iced drinks, or a plain ole cup of Joe.

Active Coffee Co

570 Higuera Street, Suite 190, San Luis Obispo

Active Coffee brings modern, boutique feels to The Creamery. This coffee shop fits right into the area. Head over to enjoy a premium drip coffee, matcha, or a spritz with friends at their stand-up bar and outdoor patio seating.