Kendra Aronson, SLOcal writer, photographer, and designer, has added a new trade to her cornucopia of skills… self-publisher. She recently announced a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for the publishing of her beautiful (and quite the mouth-full) cookbook: The San Luis Obispo Farmers’ Market Cookbook: Simple Seasonal Recipes & Short Stories from the Central Coast of California.Kendra Aronson

“I embarked on this creative journey to create a community keepsake that will inspire folks to shake hands with their SLOcal farmers, to cook simple recipes with the season’s bounty, and to support restaurants that promote the farm-to-table mission,” Kendra said.

Kendra’s goal was to create a “collaborative, community-driven cookbook,” and she’s done just that! The cookbook features short stories, interviews and profiles of the local people who work so hard to bring fresh produce to the Central Coast.

“I’ve been hustling on this personal passion project for over two years interviewing, writing, visiting farms, recipe testing, food styling, coordinating photoshoots, designing—I’m so excited to share the fruits of my labor with you.”

Kendra launched a Kickstarter campaign in late July with the goal to raise seed funding to partially pay for the publishing of the book. She reached that goal on August 7 and has continued her push to help further fund the production.

The Kickstarter campaign features incentives for people who pledge a certain amount of money to help Kendra reach her goal, including; signed copies of the cookbook, a hand-cooked meal by Kendra, a tote bag, or a hand-written thank you card.

Kendra has already met her $12,000 goal, but she isn’t stopping there. Join Kendra on her mission to cover the complete cost of her cookbooks’ production, support local businesses and get your hands on some farm-to-table recipes in the process!

“Any additional funding we raise between now and August 27 will continue to go towards the up-front printing costs. The total cost of printing the cookbook is in fact well over $12,000, but since Kickstarter is an all-or-nothing funding platform we wanted to ensure our success by setting the goal at the bare minimum to get this project started,” Kendra said.

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