Throop Park at 510 Cerro Romauldo

By Emily Bernstein

Breathing in the mouth-watering scent of roasted turkey, embracing your favorite cousin, and cuddling in front of a toasty fire while you watch the freezing wind or delicate snowflakes blow outside: all your typical Thanksgiving traditions—unless you are lucky enough to be spending the holiday on the scenic and sunny Central Coast.

In San Luis Obispo, families enjoy the usual extravagant meals and family reunions, and yet, we are also blessed with the lovely California weather.


Throop Park

Instead of trying to conjure up an awkward conversation with that weird uncle—everyone has one—why not get outside and work up an appetite for those mash potatoes and gravy? San Luis Obispo is home to many charming parks: the perfect sites to bond with family and start new traditions.

In place of watching football and filling up on beer and potato chips before you even sit down for dinner, head to a park and enjoy your own game. Dividing into teams to stir up a bit of friendly competition, or playing catch while chatting about the past year will create memories that you can reflect on for years to come. Not to mention, those delectable slices of turkey will taste 10 times better with the hunger you work up. For those who

Santa Rosa Park at Santa Rosa and Oak streets

Santa Rosa Park at Santa Rosa and Oak streets

would rather not play, San Luis Obispo’s parks are scattered with many benches, which serve as the perfect seat for the cheering section.

Take a walk. You might be up for trekking one of SLO’s trails, but Great Grandma Mimi might prefer a stroll in the park. Many of SLO’s parks contain picturesque walking trails–the perfect setting for a heart to heart conversation.

Mitchell Park at 1400 Osos St.

Mitchell Park at 1400 Osos St.

While part of the family wanders along the paths, the younger ones might enjoy the playground or swings. SLO’s parks incorporate safe and fun playsets that will entertain kids for hours. So, enjoy it with them. Whether taking part in a game of tag, slipping down the slide, or just climbing, children will find many laughs and smiles on any of SLO’s playgrounds.

Prior to her time as a communications intern at the San Luis Obispo Chamber of Commerce Emily Bernstein ran a ropes course, zipline, paintball field and an archery range.