By Emily Bernstein

Cars are the root of all evil, and we’re going to prove it. (OK not really, but stick with us for a second as we try to be funny.)

Cars steal your money by refusing to drive without gas, requiring insurance, begging for maintenance and other little costs like parking meters, and air fresheners. Additionally, they cost time. Sitting in traffic, circling the restaurant looking for parking, and breathing in the diesel scented air while pumping gas, all waste your time.

Now for the (un)scientific facts.

We’ve already proven that:


and of course “time is money,”




and we all know that “money is the root of all evil




and that unfortunately means that:


Think about making your next vacation to San Luis Obispo a car free trip and enjoy a time of rest and relaxation.

Why go car free? You can save the earth, your wallet, and your health, all by abandoning your car.

According to American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy, in the United States, cars and light trucks alone account for more fossil fuel COemissions than the total nationwide emissions of all but four other countries in the world.  CO2 and other greenhouse gasses contribute to climate change and so by going car free you can help fight global climate change – and save the world.

Now imagine that leaving your car at home could actually save you time. By walking or biking to your destination, you can get in your workout for the day and save that hour at the gym. Also, according to every other study that comes out these days, biking and walking help combat depression, cancer, diabetes and heart disease.

Leaving your car in the driveway will become your part time job, as it will be practically making money for you. Just think of all the costs that accompany your car: gas, parking, tolls, maintenance, so on and so forth.

Two Bikers on Path

Now onto the real money saving opportunity: you can get deals on Amtrak tickets, bike rentals, public transportation and other services that will help you go car-free with ease just by registering your trip through SLO Car Free.

Additionally, they provide a “city to city” guide that allows you to explore ways and compare the cost and time it takes to travel from one city to another within San Luis Obispo County.

Consider the possibilities: improving your health, saving, money, discovering new ways to travel, and saving the earth—all in a vacation to SLO.

Emily Bernstein has been without a car since she moved to San Luis Obispo to study communications at Cal Poly. Last month she almost had keys in hand, then they ended up in her brother’s pocket. Ah, siblings. She has become well versed in the bus schedule since starting her role as communications intern at the SLO Chamber of Commerce.