By Emily Bernstein 

Imagine an entire month without having to spend time finding parking, no longer waiting in traffic, and saving the money you would normally spend on gas; sounds magical right? During the month of May, the San Luis Obispo is brimming with activities, events and challenges  that encourage people to grab their bikes and ride out into the sunshine.

While we are partial to the views you can really appreciate when pedaling your way around towns throughout the county – there are many other upsides to cycling.

Who needs to hit the gym on vacation or before work if you got your exercise on while traveling from place to place? While helping you increase your activity level, it will also help you lose a little less from your wallet by avoiding typical transportation costs like paying for gas, wear and tear on your car, or paying for parking. And let’s not forget the environmental benefits like reducing the carbon emissions that you might normally be emitting when driving a car.

Bike month is also the perfect time to switch up your usual routine when hanging out with family and friends and the perfect way to live like a local while on vacation. A coffee date pairs perfectly with a picturesque ride through the hills of San Luis Obispo and a  Sunday afternoon usually spent with Netflix can transform into a bonding experience; you may even find a spot to take a break and shoot a few photos for next year’s Christmas card.

Instead of the humdrum commute, riding your bike allows you to connect with others who are also buckling up their helmets for Bike Month.

Throughout May, there will be many events that enable you to connect with others who are also buckling up their helmets for Bike Month and help make sure that you feel comfortable cruising around on two wheels.

Kicking off Bike month, Bike SLO County will be hosting a breakfast for bikers on May 1, followed by movie nights, regular bike breakfasts, educational events, and parties. One date to save on your calendar is Tuesday, May 16 when the 2017 Amgen Tour of California, and some of the top professional cyclists from throughout the world, will be making it’s way through downtown. Downtown will be set up so that residents and visitors alike can can stop to watch the racers as they ride by and there will eve be a Downtown SLO Block Party after the race rolls through.

To find out more about events during Bike Month, visit the Bike Month website here.

Happy cycling!


Emily Bernstein wholeheartedly supports Bike Month, despite her cyclophobia (fear of riding bike). She is currently studying communications at Cal Poly, and is serving as the communications team intern for the San Luis Obispo Chamber of Commerce.