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“Central California has plenty of rideable waves to be found. And if the surf is flat, there are countless outdoor activities to keep you occupied.”
— Surfline.com


Soak up the Sun...Beach, Surf & Ocean Sports

California’s Central Coast knows no constricting view and that is so true here in San Luis Obispo County. Where some oceanside destinations claim only small alcoves of coastal real estate, visitors here find a wealth of outdoor activities as broad as the panoramas that host them.

Whether you are seeking tranquility or adventure, you will find your ideal diversion here.

Residents and visitors alike love spending time outdoors which in this streach of the coast means the beach. San Luis Obispo is located just a few miles from the Pacific Ocean, tucked in a bowl-shaped valley surrounded by volcanic peaks and lush hills.
The area's beaches range from sandy stretches ideal for sunbathing, to rugged shorelines with treasured surf spots and other spots ideal for bird watching, boating, fishing, beach combing, or generally reviving your spirit.

There's easy access to protected open space areas that surround these local beaches, with wonderful opportunities for hiking, nature viewing, or family picnics. You’ll never be more than about five minutes from nature in San Luis Obispo (unless your boss won’t let you leave work). Much of the county remains pastoral with breathtaking rural landscapes.


Surfers flock to San Luis Obispo County for places like Pismo Beach and Morro Bay, but locals tend to head out to the Montana de Oro State Park area for great surf. Head North on Highway 101 and take Highway 1 to Morro Bay for some beachbreak. Continue up Highway 1 where the San Luis Obispo and Monterey county lines meet, and you’ll find Big Sur and some local surfers catching the breaks.

The time to come to SLO for the surf is in the fall, when west swells reach long intervals and remain glassy with the sun regularly shining. And for whatever reason, this is usually the time many tourists decide to stay away, which means fewer crowds and more opportunities to surf with locals and catch a good ride.

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