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SLO's True Roots- Agriculture / Eco Tours

Any vineyard, farm, ranch or other San Luis Obispo County agriculture destination will make you feel the ingrained sense of history that has sustained through the ages and made this area what it is today. San Luis Obispo County is unique in it's offering of so many ag tours and eco tours that are available to visitor as well as the ability to tour working farms and ranchs.

The Central Coast is virtually untouched compared to the rest of the nation, and you can feel what it was like to live in the 'Old West' by taking advantage of the many agritourism opportunies here.

If this sounds foreign, you will soon find the concept as engaging as it is unique. Agritourism is based around the lives and history of families who have lived off land-based operations like viticulture, winemaking, conventional agriculture and farmers markets.

Agritourism is a style of vacation that normally takes place on a farm or ranch. This may include the chance to help with farming and ranching tasks during the visit. Agritourism is considered to be a niche or uniquely adapted form of tourism and is often practiced in wine growing regions.

Visitors can pick fruits and vegetables, ride horses, taste honey, learn about wine, shop in farm gift shops and farm stands for local and regional produce or hand-crafted gifts.

Find your own Ag Adventure by visiting the Central Coast Agtourism Council's website. The Central Coast Agtourism Council is an organization dedicated to supporting small farmers and ranchers by promoting their homes and farms as tourist destinations. This site has online maps and a wealth of information about AgTourism on the Central Coast.

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