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“How do you describe a place
that's as ideal for people
as it is for wine grapes?
Where the annual average monthly highs range
all the way from 62° to 74° ?
Oh, that's right: Perfect.”
Sunset magazine





San Luis Obispo Weather

San Luis Obispo weather is as pleasant as it gets. San Luis Obispo County has one of world's most comfortable climates.
The summers here are delightfully mild, with daytime highs usually in the low 80s, and cool evenings. Winters are even better with daytime highs in the 60s and 70s, and crisp, clear nights. Frost is rare, snow almost unheard of. (A dusting of snow always makes the front page of the local paper.)
Air conditioners aren't needed in most homes because of the cooling sea breezes. And while we do have heat in our homes, we don’t need to use it much.
Outdoor dining, either at home or at a fabulous San Luis Obispo restaurant, is a year-round pleasure. The climate contributes to a relaxed, casual lifestyle that’s difficult to recreate anywhere else.

Current San Luis Obispo Conditions and Forecast

Weather Forecast- Includes maps and radar information. 

Average San Luis Obispo Temperatures




Rain (Inches)

January 41.2 64.0 5.16"
April 45.1 68.3 1.6"
July 52.4 78.5 0.0"
October 50.1 76.8 1.1"

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