From July 18 to the 21 alumni are invited to return to days past, experience new things, relive past glories and learn a few of the important things that they may have missed out on during the first go-round, like the science of jam making or how to compost. You know, the stuff you’ll actually put to use.

For the second consecutive year Cal Poly is hosting the four-day family event to help reconnect alumni with the campus and old friends, and introduce a new generation to campus life.

The long weekend starts on Thursday with a Farmers’ Market welcome and includes an assortment of hands-on classes sans midterms, family activities at the fresh-out-of -the-box rec center an alumni and family barbecue amongst many other happenings around campus.

Attendees are invited to live on campus and experience Poly Canyon Summer Village first hand. The new facility will not only serve as a comfortable home base and give any young family members and prospective Poly students a glimpse at how nice the student living setup on campus is, but will also help enhance the stories of despair and suffering that said student’s parents had to live with while in the red bricks.

“We had to hike at least a quarter mile in 70 degree heat to get to Julian’s. We didn’t have a Noah’s Bagels and Pete’s Coffee steps away from our dorm.”

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